Friday, 1 April 2011

Oh what beautiful shoes!!!

I have bought some beautiful shoes, oh yes I have! And they're not even from ebay! For the first time in months (years?) I have bought something from a real life shop (you can buy them here)! Here is one showing itself off on my duvet...
And so of course if I am to wear them I will need to buy a dress too... and get a bag... and make some jewellery. Luckily stage 3 wass completed this afternoon while Miles was in the bath!

I went with the greens, pinks & purples from the shoes. Here is the matching bracelet...
And here is the necklace draped provocatively over the shoe, with the bracelet cwtching in to the side...


  1. DID you say Cwtching??????????? !

    LOVE LOVE the shoes! What amazingly good taste you have!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Why thank you. I have to agree.

  3. Love the shoes, so much fun! A good purchase!

  4. And the best thing is, after a night out in them, I can honestly say they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! Even though they are super-high!