Thursday, 19 May 2011

The latest giveaway!

As promised, as I have now broken the 600 fans mark on my facebook page (Click here for Facebook Page) I'm having another free giveaway! All you have to do is comment on this post, saying which thing you would like to win from the 2 pictured! Please ensure you include your email address so I can let you know if you win! (You may need to create a google account to comment - don't worry, it's free). To choose the winner, I'll put your names in a hat and Miles (my 5 year old) can draw the winner again!

You have a week to enter - closes at 10pm on Thursday 26th May - winner announced the next day on this blog (Miles will be unable to do a winners draw at 10pm - he will be asleep!) I will email the winner too.

Prize option 1.... red & black cane glass bracelet

Prize option 2.... yellow russian doll necklace
Good luck & feel free to share with your friends!

The boring small print.....
1. Please include your email address unless I know you personally as I cannot contact you via facebook if you win due to facebook rules.
2. Sorry, but this is only open to people in the UK
3. Miles' decision is final!!! :o)


  1. Oh I thought this would be easy when I saw the bracelet, then I scrolled down and saw the Russian doll necklace .... decisions, decisions, decisions!

    Oh hang it - the bracelet it is!!

    Chris Hyde on Facebook (Jimmy James Designs)

  2. lovely items
    Hayley x

  3. I like both too but I do have a lot of bracelets so it has to be the Rusian Doll Pendant for me
    Jools x or

  4. oh I don't have yellow!! Russian Dolls for me please Miles! (pretty please!)

  5. Ooooh tough one cos they both so lovely!! I think I'd like the bracelet though purely as I'm not really a necklace wearer :)

  6. Both are gorgeous... but the Russian doll please!

  7. love all your work, but really love the Russian doll the most ever, ever.
    Becca D.

  8. Wonderful Spring giveaway Kate! Thanks ever so much! The items you have above are beautifulbut I especially love the yellow Russian Doll necklace!!! xxxx
    My email is I have shared on faceBook and also tweeted xxx @TracyNixon I follow you on GFC and look out for updates every day!!

  9. I love the bracelet, but you do make it hard to choose!
    givinganswers [at] googlemail [dot] com

  10. Thanks ever so much! The items you have above are beautiful but I especially love the yellow Russian Doll necklace!

  11. Posted on behalf of Rachel....

    Can you put me down for the Russian Dolls please x

  12. Both of them are great but I love the bracelet

  13. I think the Russian Doll is great, pick me pleasess Miles :))

  14. The Russian doll one is gorgeous.
    My nan use to have a load of Russian dolls (including a Holy Trinity one :D) when I was a kid and I use to love playing with them.
    They all disappeared when she moved in to a home just before she died :(
    Your stuff is brilliant Kate :)

  15. Ohhh the bracelet please

    Liz (such lovely things)

  16. Entry on behalf of Marilyn H, who remains mystified as to how to leave a comment, lol!

  17. Congrats on hitting the 600 mark! Youre jewellery is fab (: I am loving the russian doll necklace! So cute

    Amy-Jayne xx

  18. Posted for Emma (as blog being stubborn!): Russian Doll necklace PLEASE! x

  19. Posted for Karen (as blog being stubborn!): i like the second one xxx

  20. Posted for Rach (as blog being stubborn!):

    bracelet please :) thanks x

  21. Love your work! If I am the lucky one could I have the russian doll necklace please? :) X

  22. Congratulations on hitting the 600!

    You have such lovely things and I loved the pocket watch necklace I got from you.

    I think it would have to be the Russian Doll necklace for me.

  23. Katie Bowtell:

    Hi Kate, i cant seem to comment either, would love the russain doll necklace if i can get your blog to post my comment xx

  24. The cane glass bracelet is beautiful! Well done! Mariska x