Saturday, 18 June 2011

The amazing 1000 likers giveaway!!!

As promised, as I have now broken the amazing 1000 fans mark on my facebook page (Click here for Facebook Page) I'm having another free giveaway! All you have to do is like my facebook page & comment on this post! Please ensure you include your email address so I can let you know if you win! (You may need to create a google account to comment - don't worry, it's free). To choose the winner, I'll put your names in a hat and Miles (my 5 year old) can draw the winner again!

You have a week to enter - closes at 10pm (BST) on Saturday 25th June - winner announced the next day on this blog (Miles will be unable to do a winners draw at 10pm - he will be asleep!) I will email the winner too.

As the 1000 likers mark is so special & I am so grateful for all your support, I have an extra special prize for this giveaway! It's three prizes in one! One of my best-selling vintage style pendant watches, a matching bracelet & coordinating ring! WOO HOO!

Good luck & feel free to share with your friends!

The boring small print.....
1. Please include your email address unless I know you personally as I cannot contact you via facebook if you win due to facebook rules.
2. Sorry, but this is only open to people in the UK
3. Miles' decision is final!!! :o)


  1. It's gorgeous

  2. Meeeeeeeeeeee !!! I'd love to win so tell Miles' to kiss his hands for good luck for me !!! xxxxxx

  3. An entry for Marilyn Huxtable who remains IT challenged, lol!! (I work with Marilyn, so don't need to include her email address!)

  4. I love your jewellery and now so do my two daughters xx (rachel)

  5. Hi from Cake Carousel over in Pembrokeshire! Would love to enter.
    Thank you (Claire)

  6. Congratulations on your followers!!! and thanks for the great giveaway! Am already a fan on FB and have shared Tracy Nixon MSE

    Also following your blog via GFC

  7. Gorgeous things. I especially love your necklaces. I follow your blog and also on Facebook.


  8. Please add me, I love your work! x

  9. Oooh get you Mrs!!! 1000 eh?! Well done you!
    Love ya and love your work!
    gimme gimme gimme!! (Please Miles??)
    Ruth xx

  10. Well done on 1000! I have finally got 100!
    Will have to get some tips!
    This is so beautiful, love it.
    Love all your stuff,
    Becca xxxx

  11. I am so going to be a regular customer. Also love having someone elses blog to follow. Please feel free to follow my rambling if you wish though its pretty boring lol. Karen x

  12. It's Becca again, I love your new blog and have given you the kreative blogger award. Basically you just copy the logo from the top of mine and link back to it and then say a few things about yourself. I have a selection of easy questions to copy and paste if need any inspiration at the bottom of my last post! And then pass it on to three other blogs you like! I have given one to Ruth too! I also mentioned your competition on my blog today! yippie
    Take care for now and thanks for your lovely blog!
    Becca xxx

  13. opps forgot to add my email.

    x x

  14. Fingers crossed for me this time ! xx

  15. beautiful jewellery xx from rachel

  16. :) hope I win this time!

  17. What a pretty little set that is! :) Lovely!
    Katie xx


    I ♥ ♥ ♥ Kate's Creations, every piece of beautiful jewellery made is so unique. Made with Care, Love & a Little piece of Kate

    I could easily buy all your things. I adore them xx

  19. Gorgeous Kate.
    Juliette and girls x